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You’ve invested your time, effort and money into a great website …and you can see that it is becoming an increasingly important part of your business. That’s great,

But… Wouldn’t it be nice to gain deeper and actionable insight that would enable you to dramatically improve your website for greatly increased conversion rates?

 The solution is web analytics. Web analytics brings valuable information about your website traffic and its sources, and clearly shows what is and isn’t working on your site.

So, let’s see how web analytics really works!  Let’s say that you’re the owner of a great software company. And you organize annual conferences in Boston, Sydney and Prague that deliver valuable insights and up-to-the minute industry trends to your worldwide client and partner base. Your website devoted to these events is your main channel for recruiting attendees.

Web Analytics running in the background collect internet data relating to each visit on your site and provide reports on key online metrics that allow you to analyse and track their progress over time. and you can continually optimize your site to encourage ticket sales.

You’ve learned that higher traffic to your site correlates with higher attendance, so you need to know how many people are visiting your website… …how many are new visitors and how many are returning… …and how long each visitor stays. You should be also curious about your visitors’ traffic sources so you can better support those from each in future. You can even see: Which are your top landing pages. Which pages visitors tend to leave from How many visitors left your website upon arrival How much time visitors spent on a page and what they were looking for Truly understanding such visitor data not only gives you the power to deliver a fantastic experience to your current visitors, but also to attract new ones and encourage boosted tickets sales. Web analytics is now a key part of your event success.

 So, how does web analytics deliver this invaluable insight?

Web analytics comes as a built-in part of your web content management system All key analytics data is accessible on your customizable dashboard You can see all your site audience data – including mobile device statistics monitor traffic from different sources and get deep content insights such as top landing page and what on-site search keywords your visitors use. Be warned that actively using web analytics may lead to: better understanding of your audience and their needs Clear assessment of the effectiveness of your campaigns Confident and on-target business decisions Web analytics reveals its true power when used with other website activities like: Management of your visitors on an individual basis Boosting conversion rates and ROI Increasing engagement and contentment of your site visitors



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