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Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy Process Strategic marketing is a process of Planning Developing and Implementing maneuvers to obtain a competitive edge in your chosen niche.

Having a marketing process in place helps you set Measurable goals Minimize risks Track your progress and Revise and revisit Whenever needed.

Let me tell you about How to Create a Marketing Strategic Process

It involves Analysing your market Identifying your customers’ requirements and developing a set of marketing tactics

 That work for your target market Creating this process entails five steps as follow

1 the mission of your company

2 Analyze your market

 3 Devise a marketing plan

4 Customize a marketing mix

5 Implement, improvise and iterate.

Let’s start with step1 that is the mission of your company Here, you also mention your company’s Value proportions Goals and Objectives To explain the purpose of your business and how it helps your target customers.

Step 2 Analyse your market This analysis will give you a clear view of the market and help you understand your Strengths Weaknesses and Assist you in developing counteractive measures. Before you start writing your strategic marketing process You need to first Study your industry Define your market and SWOT analysis

Step 3 Devise a marketing plan Create detailed customer profiles along with specifying Their needs and plan how to market your product or services to your target customers Before you begin developing a marketing plan It is beneficial to specify your Goals and metrics Create a budget that works for you

Step 4 Customize a marketing mix This is a commonly used marketing strategy tool Which involves four main tactics called the 4Ps Which are Product Price Promotion Place

Step 5 Implement, improvise and iterate in this stage, put all the above strategies together and launch your strategic marketing process A strategic marketing process is dynamic and can be revised multiple times Whenever required No matter if you’re a start-up or an established business

A strategic marketing process can help you reach your desired milestones, and Twowings Digital is to help you in making a perfect marketing strategy.



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