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E-Commerce Marketing

E- commerce Marketing
E-commerce Marketing stands for electronic commerce it is selling a product or a service online.

E-commerce has expanded exponentially in recent years and will only continue to do so and the more it will continue small and medium-sized businesses. Large corporations and even independent freelancers have benefited from e-commerce in their products and services.

Now so easy to discover and purchase at any hour of any day from almost anywhere in the world the possibility to scale in this day and age is like no other eCommerce is the fastest growing retail market.

So why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that there are loads of benefits to hopping on the e-commerce bandwagon with e-commerce being electronic you have a global market this multiplies your target audience exponentially.  

You’ll also choose who your customers are and define how to target them with your store being online you’re essentially open 24/7 365 days a year.

There’s no need to flip that sign on your front door that states open on one side and closed on the other customers can purchase your goods all day any day you also can work from anywhere in the world provided that you have an internet connection you’re also going to require a lower investment and encourage costs compared to a physical store.

So, who can open an eCommerce store for anyone provided that they have the few essentials to get started these essentials include a product or service to sell a   place to sell them a means to process payments and a marketing strategy to attract customers.  

Let’s discuss each of these a little further so right off the bat you’re going to need a product or service to sell you can either make something yourself or you can source it from somewhere else some things you want to keep in mind you are whom you want to sell your product or service to is this other consumer or is this other business you also want something unique you don’t want to sell something that every other Tom and Harry is selling.

What’s the point this means more competition and fewer chances of sales also try and think of a product or a service that solves someone’s problem no one likes having problems so if you have something that can solve enough people’s problems, you’re a winner.

 Finally the cost of your goods and your selling price you want to price your products at a low enough rate that you remain competitive with similar products on the market however you don’t want to price yourself too low that you don’t make a   sufficient profit to keep operating, on the other hand, you don’t want to price yourself too high otherwise no one will purchase your products and we don’t want that next you’ll need to figure out where you will be selling your goods the nature of e-commerce is selling online so you’re not going to be looking for a brick-and-mortar location or physical storefront you’ll need a website or an eCommerce platform to sell your products.

You can either build your website or use a   CMS content management system a CMS provides the basic framework for your website and allows you to add and edit your products accept payments and manage your online store some examples of these include Shopify Magento and big commerce just to name a few beginners generally start here versus building their website factors to keep in mind when choosing your CMS platform are pricing scalability flexibility and ease of use keep in mind that your website or CMS platform is acting as your physical shop this is where people come to interact with you and purchase your goods.

This is where you influence them this is where you impact how likely they are to convert from a visitor to a   sale and hopefully a repeat sale so the decision.

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